Rhododendron flammeum | 3 gal. pot (Oversized)

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The Oconee Azalea is a possibly the most variable of our native southern azaleas. Flowers emerge in May in shades of salmons, pinks, yellows, oranges and reds. Coming from the Piedmont area of GA and SC, these plants very heat tolerant.
This southern native azalea is commonly referred to as the Oconee Azalea. Its blossoms are approximately 1.2 to 1.8 inches across and comes in shades of yellowish orange, through deep red. This species can be distinguished from the earlier blooming R. austrinum in that the flowers usually have a blotch, and are not fragrant. Plants of this species were first described at Kew Gardens in 1789 and ere probably sent there by William Bartram prior to that date. This species is a heat tolerant shrub of the Piedmont region of Georgia and South Carolina. It is possibly the most variable of all the native azaleas, with the flowers of seed grown plants ranging from salmon and strong pink to yellow to orange to red. It varies from low mounding shrubs to plants six feet or more in height. The non-fragrant flowers are produced in May. This plant has been referred to as "resplendently handsome."
More Information
Common Name Oconee Azalea
Genus R. (azalea) Deciduous
Species flammeum (speciosum)
Sun Requirements Part Shade
Soil Moisture Average
Zone 6, 7, 8
Plant Type Deciduous Shrub
Plant Size Selector Large Shrub (6-15 ft)
Plant Height 6-8 ft
Plant Width 6-8 ft
Bloom Color Orange, Yellow
Rhododendron Bloom Season Early (April)
Fragrant No
Rare Plant Yes
Attracts Wildlife Bees
Deer Resistant No
Rarefind Exclusive No
New Offering No
Web Only No
Nursery Only No
Oversized Shipping Yes
Catalog Category Deciduous Azaleas
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